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Rules of the Guild Empty Rules of the Guild

Post  _roentel on Fri Apr 02, 2010 2:34 am

These rules are still open to discussion and suggestions from any of Ancient's members.

1. All members are required to be active, read and accept these rules, and participate in the guild's life as much as possible.
2. One member = One character. Any exception will have to be sanctioned by guild leader.
3. Be polite with all your fellow guildies, avoid flames and/or misunderstandings. Help and support all guild members. It makes Chaplain sad when you are mean to eachother.
4. No discrimination will be allowed amongst our members.
5. Guild Chat: The language to be used in guild chat is English. Slurs and swears are prohibited (kids play this game). Do not spam guild chat.
6. If the kingpins or guild leader decide that a member is a scammer that member will be banned from the guild and forum.
7. Any members leaving the guild permanently will not be allowed in the forum.
8. All members should donate to the guild, either Questies to level the guild, penya to pay for Guild Sieges and Secret Room Events, pay for the Guild House, or items to equip other guild members.
9. Kill stealing is frowned upon except in retaliation.
10. If you are going to be gone for more than a month we ask you to remove your
character from the guild we will re-add you when you come back.

Guild Warehouse:
1. Guild Penya is used ONLY to finance Guild Sieges, Events, and the Guild House.
2. Guild money is not used for any personal or individual financial support. Don't try to worm an excuse for it.
3. Although guild lead has access to guild money it's NOT for his/her personal use either.
4. All guild items in the warehouse are for the use and assistnace of the guild members. NOT FOR ALTERNATE CHARACTERS the guild member may own. (If it has come to our attention that a guild item has be used for an alternate character other than your own, you will be removed from the guild.)

Also when you are kicked from the guild. You will be removed from the group Ancient and will have limited access to the rest of the forum. Sorry but its just how I gotta do things.

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